Sneeze Shield whatever they go!

What is Sneeze Shield? It’s a special layer Kleenex® Brand puts in all its tissues to help keep stuff off hands – at school and on the go.

Now Kleenex® Brand tissue with Sneeze Shield is adding a new line of on-the-go packs to make it easy for kids on the go, anywhere, anytime.

  • The box

    The box you want to have on hand for home and in the classroom.

  • New

    Auto Packs

    Auto packs fit perfectly in the door pocket and wedged between the seats or visor.

  • New

    Wallet Packs

    Wallet packs are slim, stylish and easy to toss into a backpack or back pocket.

  • The Classic

    The classic, on the go pack is better than ever with its strong, three-ply tissues.


See Kleenex® Brand Tissues and On the Go Packs in action!